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Mike saved my dog's life!


I adopted five year old Hardy from a shelter about two years ago.  He is a beautiful golden (mostly) but may have been abused earlier in his life. At my Pasadena home, Hardy had a big yard and was a happy dog.  A year later we moved to a much smaller property in a beach community.  Hardy did not take the move well.  He became aggressive towards other dogs, especially small dogs.  I tried a number of trainers but nothing solved the problem.  I thought that I would have to give Hardy up for adoption.  Hardy in a shelter looking for a family again - the thought broke my heart.


A well know dog trainer suggested that I call Mike for help.  The trainer thought that Mike would be a perfect fit.  Mike is a perfect trainer for Hardy.  Hardy and I went through an intense training program, we worked hard and Hardy made great progress.  Soon Mike had Hardy playing with other dogs.  Hardy is now a much happier dog and not aggressive.  Mike really cares about Hardy and is wonderful with him. Hardy loves Mike and I often board Hardy with Mike and Jill when I am out of town.  Mike has helped Hardy become a calm, happy dog.


Thanks Mike and Jill.  

Patrick Dixon

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